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GUESS Handtasche in schwarz, Produktansicht



105,00 EUR155,00 EUR
Verfügbare Größen: One Size
GUESS Shirt 'AURA' in schwarz, Produktansicht


54,90 EUR
Verfügbare Größen: XS, S, M, L, XL
GUESS Shorts 'CORRINE' in khaki / pastellgrün, Produktansicht


59,90 EUR
Verfügbare Größen: XS, M, XL
GUESS Tasche 'HELAINA' in schwarz, Produktansicht


155,00 EUR
Verfügbare Größen: One Size

GUESS: A classic brand that never goes out of style

Every follower of fashion knows GUESS. This brand was born in 1980s America, but its chic, European influence reflects the Italian background of its founder. For over thirty years, it has been at the forefront of style; its famous advertising campaigns have launched the careers of supermodels from Claudia Schiffer to Kate Upton. The brand may have started in the 80s, but GUESS has always moved with the times – evidenced by the fact that today, it's still known for its fashion, particularly the classic cut of its flattering jeans, and its funky, streetwear-inspired looks that blend cool urban style with luxury materials and high-end production methods. However, its most famous products may be handbags and accessories. Luxury sunglasses, innovative fragrances for both men and women, jewellery, belts and footwear are all produced by this famous brand. There's even a special collection inspired by the company's most famous current ambassador, Jennifer Lopez; pick up these pieces to enjoy a bit of that iconic J-Lo style.

Timeless denim style for men and women

Denim has always been at the heart of the GUESS collection. This brand's jeans are available in all kinds of cuts and washes, allowing you to choose the pair that best matches your own personal look. Whether you favour skinny jeans that show off your legs, figure-balancing flares, or high-waisted mom jeans to enhance your figure, you'll find them here. The men's denim collection is also packed with great styles. Men's skinny and super skinny jeans have been a popular choice in recent years, and there are classic, timeless cuts available, too. Aside from jeans, this American brand shows off the versatility of denim. Men and women will find denim jackets and shirts, while the GUESS womenswear collection pushes this classic fabric to the limit, with dresses, jumpsuits, tops and skirts. A pair of these designer jeans is often considered to be an investment piece. They go with just about anything, allowing you to mix them with high street, vintage, or designer tops. Made to last, these denim items can easily become the foundation of any wardrobe; dress them down for a cool street look or mix them with fancier pieces for a smart-casual style that's off the charts.

Next-level bags from the GUESS online shop

The most famous accessories from this brand are its handbags. Usually made from real leather, these high-quality pieces feature trademark details like metalwork, "G" pendants, or delicate dangling padlocks. Some are more suited to big nights out; others can easily become your day bag, going with you from work to the shops. GUESS' selection goes beyond handbags, though. There are also backpacks, bum bags, messengers, and more, with carriers for both men and women. Look out for different types of leather, including patent, textured, and crocodile skin. Whether you're treating yourself or looking for a gift, a GUESS bag is an excellent choice and can become the go-to for any fashionista.

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