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Closet London Kleid in rosa, Produktansicht

Closet London

89,90 EUR
Verfügbare Größen: 34, 36, 40
Closet London Kleid in hellbeige / mischfarben, Produktansicht


Closet London

99,90 EUR125,00 EUR
Verfügbare Größen: 40, 42
Closet London Jumpsuit in grau, Produktansicht

Closet London

74,90 EUR
Verfügbare Größen: S, XL
Closet London Kleid in pastellgrün / rosa, Produktansicht


Closet London

69,90 EUR84,90 EUR
Verfügbare Größen: 38, 44
Closet London Kleid in schwarz, Produktansicht

Closet London

65,00 EUR
Verfügbare Größen: 34, 36
Closet London Kleid in elfenbein, Produktansicht

Closet London

125,00 EUR
Verfügbare Größen: 36, 38, 40
Closet London Kleid in hellgrün / violettblau / orange / offwhite, Produktansicht


Closet London

69,90 EUR94,90 EUR
Verfügbare Größen: 38, 40, 44
Closet London Jumpsuit in pfirsich, Produktansicht

Closet London

135,00 EUR
Verfügbare Größen: XS, S, M, L, XL

Closet London: Making Style Stories

This contemporary womenswear collection, which includes a range of clothes for plus sizes, is inspired by confident women. It supports your style and helps you tell your story with perfect fits, bold cuts, prints and colours. Defying boring seasonal collections, the design house creates nine original limited-edition style collections each year which can be worn across seasons and remain timeless and relevant. The clothes function like capsule collections that complement each other and are versatile enough to be mixed and matched across ranges, and indeed your own wardrobe. You will be able to enjoy wearing any of the pieces time and time again, re-imagining your look, and updating your personal style. Through challenging the norm, the brand celebrates individual style and empowers personal prerogative. The various outfits are designed to carry you from busy work and lunch appointment to dinner with your best friend or even a cheeky weekend away. How you wear Closet London, just like how you live your life, is up to you.

A label is born

Closet London is a global brand, but designed in the heart of East London, where its story began in 1996. To this day, the fabrics are hand-picked by a dedicated team of designers and fabric cutters in order to create their signature looks. The team takes pride in their attention to detail, making sure you will look your best. The company continues to produce 95% of their styles in local London-based factories. Although the company has expanded some production to outside locations, they continue to be driven to support local community spirit and an ethical means forward. These values are incorporated into the entire production process. Materials for the clothing are sourced from fine long-established European mills used by many luxury brands. Quality is never compromised. In order to avoid waste, leftover fabrics are diverted from landfills and repurposed for other projects, including through donating to community schools and colleges to upcycle and inspire. There is also a company pledge to reduce plastic in packaging. When you buy online from the Closet London shop, you are connecting the story of your style to the values of quality, sustainability, and commitment to community that we proudly represent.

How Closet London can help you tell your story

The range of dresses can be styled up or down to suit whatever occasion you have marked for the day, be that a wedding or an informal get-together. Pair your favourite dress with statement stilettos for a glamourous vibe, or easily dress it down with a pair of your favourite beat-up trainers and layered up with a cardigan. You’ll never have to put your number one dress in the back of the closet with all the use you will get out of it. Closet London isn’t just passionate about making beautiful clothes, they also encourage you to fall in love with the way you wear them. Style it, own it, love it.

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